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Tour 1

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This great and unique tour is for you, who needs an excellent visit and a worthwhile experience of Berlin.
Historical Berlin tour includes: – Alexander Square & Nicolas Quarters
– Berlin and its birth, the Prussian Monarchy
– Jewish Quarters, where Jewish citizens of Berlin were deported and other important sights!
– Wall memorial (cold war)
– You will see an original part of the death strip 1961-1989 and hear about escapes and why and when the wall was built
– Third Reich highlights!
– You will see the area where Hitler died and a Nazi building

tour 2

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Potsdam Tour of Gardens & Palaces
What we’ll see:
We will Take a train to the historic city of Potsdam
the state capital of Brandenburg and vsit beautiful streets and buildings dealing with the Prussian Kaisers and kings,and the story of the military campaigner, Frederick the Great and not only Visit Sanssouci Palace, where Frederick the Great is buried, and stroll to the new palace and go inside and see it up close… plus we also go to the 1945 Potsdam Conference at Schloss Cecilienhof and the division of the city and Germanies was started and visit inside a a KGB prison !!!

Tour 3

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Third reich tour!!!
We’ll see and experience Bebelplatz (site of Nazi book burning), New Synagogue, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Reichstag (parliament building), Rosenstrasse, and where the deportation of the Berliner Jewish citizens happen, and much more…

tour 4

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We will visit the city of Berlin Or the city of Brandenburg by car…aproximate time 3 to 4 hours

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Lets do a bike tour!!
Welcome to the season Tours 2018-2019!!

Welcomes you  to the season Tours 2018-2019.
Iloveberlinbiketours  not only does bicylcle tours but also  walking tours  with public transport  or a normal walking tour of Berlin...... We have many  profesional guides available  to help us keep our groups at a satisfactory level  so its more personalized for our beloved visitors.  We also have Driver guide tours!!!
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